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Get an Oil Change in Beaufort, SC

Visit the trained technicians at your local Nissan dealer for your next oil change in Beaufort, SC. We offer quality service, and you can choose from synthetic blend and full synthetic oils for your Nissan or other vehicle.

How Often Do I Need to Get an Oil Change Service in Beaufort, SC?

Your car oil is tasked with lubricating your engine’s moving parts to help reduce friction. Oil can also help keep the engine parts clean and prevent overheating. [content-text-1-5] Oil also helps clean engine parts and prevent the engine from getting too hot. When you don’t have enough oil or your oil gets too dirty, the moving parts may grate against each other rather than slide, which can lead to engine damage. Regularly scheduled oil and filter changes are necessary to help your engine stay in great shape so you can continue enjoying Beaufort roads.

Generally, oil changes should be done about every 5,000 miles or six months, whichever occurs first. This time frame might vary depending upon your vehicle and driving conditions, so make sure you consult your owner's manual for your specific maintenance recommendations. You also want to look for signs you might need an oil change, like the Check Engine light illuminating, a strong oil smell in the cabin, strange engine sounds, dark brown oil (clean oil should be translucent amber) and smoky exhaust. If you encounter any of these issues, visit your nearest Nissan dealer in Beaufort, SC for an inspection and oil change service.

Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetic Oil Change Services in Beaufort, SC

An oil change is not just filling your car with new oil. When you get a Nissan oil change service in Beaufort, our experienced technicians start by emptying all your old oil. Next, they install a new oil filter. The filter helps keep contaminants out of your oil for a cleaner, better functioning engine. A dirty oil filter can turn your motor oil sludgy and decrease its efficiency, so replacing the filter at the same time as the oil is vital. Our Genuine Nissan Oil Filters feature anti-drainback valves meant to help lessen wear on your engine by holding the oil in the filter when the engine is off.

With the new filter in place, your technician will refill your engine with high-quality oil. Your Nissan dealer in Beaufort carries the best synthetic blend and full synthetic oil products for your Nissan. At the end of your oil change service, our technicians perform a complimentary multi-point inspection (where available) * to help spot other issues and help make sure your vehicle is running as it should.

Why Go to Nissan in Beaufort for Your Next Oil Change Service?

Considering there are so many places in Beaufort offering oil changes, why should you trust your nearest Nissan dealer? Whether or not you drive a Nissan, our trained technicians can help keep your vehicle in proper shape. Oil changes are one of our Express Services, which means you don't need an appointment as long as you stop by during designated Express Service hours.** We'll get you taken care of fast so you can head out on your next adventure with confidence.

If you're ready for an oil change in Beaufort, you can count on Nissan. Schedule an appointment for an oil change at your nearest Beaufort Nissan dealer today, or drop by during Express Service hours.