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Where Can I Get an Oil Change in Manassas, VA?

Need to get your oil changed? Stop by your local Nissan dealer in Manassas, VA for a professional oil change service. Our trained technicians carry synthetic blend and full synthetic oils for your Nissan or other make.

How Often Do I Need to Get an Oil Change Service in Manassas, VA?

Your car oil is responsible for lubricating your engine's moving components to help reduce friction. It can also help prevent overheating and keep the moving parts clean. When your oil becomes too dirty or the oil level is too low, the moving parts may grind against each other instead of moving smoothly, which can cause engine damage. Regular oil and filter changes are necessary to help your engine stay in great condition so you can continue to enjoy Manassas streets and highways.

Usually, you should get an oil change around every 5,000 miles or six months (whichever occurs first). This interval might differ depending upon your vehicle and how you drive, so you should check your owner's manual for exact maintenance intervals. You also want to look for symptoms of an overdue oil change, such as the Check Engine light turning on, a strong oil odor in your vehicle, weird engine noises, dark oil (oil should be amber when clean) and excessive exhaust. If you encounter any of these issues, visit your nearest Nissan dealer in Manassas, VA for an inspection and oil change service.

Find Full Synthetic and Synthetic Blend Oil Changes in Manassas, VA

An oil change doesn’t stop at just putting new oil in your car. When you choose Nissan for an oil change in Manassas, our technicians start by draining all the oil in your vehicle. After, they install a new oil filter. The filter helps keep your oil contaminant-free to help it remain clean and working properly. A dirty oil filter can turn your motor oil sludgy and affect its efficiency, so changing the filter when you change the oil is vital. Genuine Nissan Oil Filters have anti-drainback valves that can help reduce wear on your engine by retaining the oil in the filter when the engine isn’t on.

Once the filter is changed, our technicians put fresh, high-quality motor oil in your engine. Your Nissan dealer in Manassas offers the best full synthetic and synthetic blend oils for your Nissan. Your oil change service concludes with a complimentary multi-point inspection (where available) to help catch other issues and help ensure your vehicle is operating as it should.

Why Choose Nissan for a Quick Oil Change in Manassas, VA?

With so many places to get an oil change in Manassas, why should you trust your nearest Nissan dealer? Whether you drive a Nissan or another vehicle, our trained technicians are here to help keep your vehicle in proper shape. Oil changes are a Nissan Express Service, which means no appointment is needed as long as you plan your visit during your dealer’s Express Service hours.** We’ll quickly get you taken care of so you're ready to begin your next journey with confidence.

If you’re due for an oil change in Manassas, you can rely on Nissan. Schedule an appointment for an oil change at your nearest Manassas Nissan dealer today, or stop by during Express Service hours.